Event Brochure

Q: What is the cost to rent a room or space for an event? 

A: We have several rooms available to rent for events ranging from 10-800 people. Depending on the size of your group and the room available for your event, will determine what your room rental is. Room Rentals can range from $500 - $10,000 depending on several factors. 

Q: What does my room rental fee include? 

A: Our room rental fee at the clubhouse includes a 5 hour rental of the space you are contracted for. In some instances, i.e. ceremonies, an additional hour may be added to accommodate your event. So long as your event does not exceed our operating hours, you can work with your event  manager if you require additional time for your event. Use of the clubhouse for setup and or breakdown may be subject to additional facility fees and availability. The facility fee includes use of our china, glassware, silverware, tables, standard banquet chairs, setup and break down for your event.

Q: What Decorations am I allowed to bring? 

A: Decorations are limited to the areas you have contracted. Decor may not be tacked, screwed, or nailed to any of the walls inside or on outside the property. No rice, birdseed, glitter, tinsel, streamers or confetti may be used. Painters tape and/or scotch tape may be used to hang items from the walls, but must not leave any residue or damage the walls themselves. All decor must be put up and taken down by you before the end of your event. A cleanup fee will be charged to you if any decor is removed by our staff or causes damage to the facility.  A cleanup fee will be charged if your decor goes beyond standard usage or is not cleaned up at the end of your event. 

Q: Do you allow candles or open flame? 

A: Votive candles are included in your room rental fee and can only be used if the flame is one inch below the top of a glass container. Open flames are not allowed or permitted due to fire code restrictions. 

Q: Where should I park? 

A: The Clubhouse has ample parking for you and all of your guests (up to 150 people) as you enter the property. Please take into account that other activities may be going on in other areas of the property, so not all spaces may be available. If your event is over 200 people your Event Manager will work with you to come up with a parking plan to accommodate all your guests and to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Please contact the Catering Department regarding any additional questions you might have in planning your next Memorable Event. 

Stephen Gonzales, Catering Director
stepheng@menlocircusclub.com   |  650-322-4616 ext.206