Rules and regulations to stable your horse(s) at the Menlo Circus Club.

  • Section I: General
    • 1. All riders must have a signed rider-release card on file before riding on the Menlo Circus Club property. Riders under the age of 18 years must have their rider release card signed by one of their parents. This rule is to be observed by riders.

      2. Owners are responsible for all veterinary, shoeing, and exercising costs and general maintenance of their horse(s). Should an emergency arise involving a boarded horse, the management will attempt to notify the owner. In the event the Manager and/or a Menlo Circus Club professional is unable to reach the owner, the Manager and/or a Menlo Circus Club professional has the authority to call a veterinarian at the owners expense.

      3. Owners are responsible for their own equipment and the general order of their tack room.

      4. Training and lessons have priority in the arenas. Individual riders should adhere to all riding “rules of etiquette” while in the arenas. These rules are posted in the arenas.

      5. Lunging of horses is allowed in the main arena, covered arena, or on the polo field providing no one else is riding in that area at the same time.

      6. There is a 30-minute time limit for horses left in the turn-out paddocks when people are waiting. If there is not a turn-out available at the time you wish to use one, please contact the Stable Manager or the trainer involved (or one of their employees). And they will put your horse in the rotation immediately.

      7. All riders must wear long pants, hard soled boots or shoes with a heel, and protective head gear.

      8. No one may give lessons or train on the Menlo Circus Club property without permission from the Stable Manager.

      9. Anyone working with a horse is responsible for cleaning up after the horses: e.g. manure on the wash racks or in the aisle and loading and unloading from trailers, etc. This person is also responsible for removing belongings from the wash rack- such as scrapers, sponges, fly spray, etc. If this equipment is not removed immediately after use, it will be given to the lesson horse program.

      10. All riders under the age of 18 must wear a properly fitted regulation hard hat with a chin strap al all times while riding.

      11. Horses are not to be tied to trees and they are not to be cross tied in the barn stalls. Please use grooming areas.

      12. Club members shall have preference in all Equestrian activities. Members shall have priority in boarding and are guaranteed a stall (max 2) within 60 days of their request. Equestrian members will relinquish their stalls on a last-in, first-out basis to accommodate Club Members.

      13. MCC members who vacate their stalls and wish to re-enter the system will only be guaranteed TWO stalls and will be put on the waiting list for additional stalls if more than two are requested.


      14. The stables are closed on MONDAYS. There is no riding, turning out, etc. on Mondays. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as medical treatment, you must notify the Stable Manager and make special arrangements. A professional MUST be present on the grounds for a Monday turnout or treatment.

      15. A 30-day notice must be given to the Stable Manager and all fees must be paid in full before removing your horse from the stable. There will be no credit allowed for days of the month prior to the 30-days. The Club reserves the right to keep a horse until all bills have been paid under California Civil Code 3080, et seq.

      16. Menlo Circus Club reserves the right to ask any boarder to remove their horse(s) from the stables.

  • Section II: Safety
    • All activities related to the Stables must be undertaken consistently with safe riding practices. The safety of individuals and horses must be the first consideration when undertaking any activity. Any unsafe practice over which an individual does not have control must be immediately reported to the Stable Manager.

      1. No riding after dark. Barn hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. When riding at other times, it must be arranged by a Menlo Circus Club professional or instructor and they must be present at the stables.

      2. NO SMOKING IN THE STABLE AREA! Failure to adhere to this rule could be reason for removal of your horse from the stables and loss of your personal stable privileges.

      3. All dogs must be leashed in the stable area.

      4. Jumping for all riders must take place only under the supervision of a MCC professional.

      5. Our insurance requires that all riders, regardless of age, must wear properly fitted, regulation hard hats when jumping.

      6. NO riding on the paved parking lot, around or near the pool area or around the tennis courts.

      7. Horses are to be groomed and tacked up IN THEIR STALLS or in the grooming stall areas. Do not tie horses to trees.

      8. Horses are to be ridden with a bridle. Halters and ropes are not acceptable. Horses must be led with halters and ropes at all times. Do not leave your horse tied by unattended.

      9. Closed shoes must be worn at all times in and around the stables. Hard shoes with heels are required when riding.

      10. When the polo field is wet (due either to rain or sprinklers) please limit your riding or working with horses to the perimeter of the field.

      11. Parents must be present immediately before and after each lesson to supervise their children. Children under the age of 8 are not to be left unattended in the stable area.